Baker Hall

Baker Hall, SRJC Location

Baker Hall is located at 1501 Mendocino Avenue, Santa Rosa, CA 95401, in the Junior College neighborhood of Santa Rosa


Rooms 1800 - 1869

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Baker Hall

Milo Baker taught botany at SRJC, 1922-1945. He established the North Coast Herbarium at the College, and donated his private collection to that resource in 1933. He was a nationally recognized expert on the violet family of western America. Mr. Baker was well beyond his ninetieth year when he taught Botany 5 (Introductory Field) while continuing to tend the Herbarium during retirement. Four life science laboratories and a centralized preparation room comprise "Wing A," a small classroom and faculty offices constitute "Wing B," two state of the art anatomy labs, a 60 seat lecture hall, the Life Sciences department office, and faculty offices are located in "Wing C."