How to Get to Campus

There are many transportation options for navigating to each SRJC campus.

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  • Public Transportation

     Any Line, Any Time...

    SRJC students ride FREE on local bus lines!

    The Santa Rosa Junior College has partnered with Sonoma County Transit, Santa Rosa CityBus, and Petaluma Transit to allow SRJC Students to ride for FREE. 

    How can you ride FREE?

    Just show your SRJC virtual ID to ride FREE on Sonoma County Transit, Santa Rosa CityBus, and Petaluma Transit! 

    To get your virtual ID, visit:

    Want an SRJC photo ID card?  You can get one at the Student Information Desk, 1st Floor, Bertolini Building on the Santa Rosa Campus, or at the Welcome & Connect Center, Mike Smith Hall on the Petaluma Campus.. Remember to get your current semester validation sticker!  You will show the bus driver your ID with validation sticker, along with another form of picture ID.

    Plan your trip using Google Maps and then track your bus in real-time using the TransitApp, at

    You can also call Santa Rosa CityBus at 707-543-3333 for bus stop or route information, or TEXT "SRBUS" + your stop ID number to 41411 (For example, for stop ID 80125, text SRBUS 80125 )

    Then, just hop on the bus and show the driver your SRJC ID - and you're good to go!


    Santa Rosa City Bus Logo   Sonoma County Transit Logo   Petaluma Transit Logo


  • Parking

    Vehicle parking is available on all campuses and sites for Santa Rosa Junior College. Campus parking maps include EV charging stations, bike racks and lockers, and designated student and employee parking lots.

    All vehicles must display a parking permit in order to park on campus. Parking permit details for students, employees, and visitors can be purchased with SRJC Accounting

    Parking regulations are enforced 24/7. Any person parking on campus must be aware of and abide by the parking and traffic regulations at Santa Rosa Junior College.


  • Electric Vehicle Charging

    If you are a Sonoma County Junior College (SCJCD) student, faculty, or staff, and would like to charge your plug-in for up to four hours from any of the electric vehicle charging stations at Santa Rosa Campus, Petaluma Campus, Public Safety Training Center, or Shone Farm, please complete the following steps.

    Register for a ChargePoint Account

    Download the Mobile App or Order a ChargePoint Card

    Learn How to Use ChargePoint
    The Sonoma County Junior College District charges $1.50 per hour of charging for the first four hours, then $2.50 per hour after that. These fees help cover the increasing electrical costs the District shoulders, plus ongoing maintenance of charging stations

    Charging Locations
    Santa Rosa Campus: Zumwalt Parking Structure (three charging ports), Emeritus Lot (four charging ports) Petaluma Campus: Lot 5 (four charging ports) Public Safety Training Center: Off Freedom Way (four charging ports) Shone Farm: two charging ports


  • Biking

    Many paths and areas in Sonoma County are bike-friendly. You should plan to wear a helmet when cycling, and always lock your bike when you arrive at your destination. No permit is required to park your bike on campus. Bicycles must be parked by racks or in BikeLink lockers. Any bicycle parked in a hazardous manner or chained to a ramp, pole, tree, etc. may be impounded by District Police. Bicycles are NOT allowed anywhere inside buildings (by order of the Fire Department). Bicycles can be taken on buses and the SMART train but must be walked on pedestrian pathways for the safety of the rider and pedestrians. Cycling is allowed only on roadways and in parking lots.

    Bike Theft Prevention Tips:
    Know your bike's serial number. Register your bike  Use a U-Lock with a key. Cable locks can be easily cut; expect to spend over $35 for a good lock.

    Map of Bike Parking
    Map your route to campus using Google Maps or Strava - from your desktop browser or as a smartphone app.

    Air Quality Index: Click HERE for today's air quality.

    Bicycle Repair Station are located on the Santa Rosa and Petaluma Campuses. Our bicycle repair stations feature common repair tools and a tire pump. Tire patches are available for purchase in the SRJC Bookstore.

    Visit the Bike SRJC webpage for more information

    Learn how to properly lock your bike. Watch a video. Take photos of your bike in case it goes missing Keep the receipt of the purchase for your bike. Tweet the serial number of a used bike you're purchasing to @isitstolen to find out if it has been reported as stolen. Learn more if your bike is stolen

  • SMART Train

    SMART Train tickets can be purchased at

    Learn more about income-based discount passes at

    Learn more about Youth (18 or younger) and Senior (65 or older) discount passes through the Youth Clipper Discount Program and the Senior Clipper Discount Program:
    Youth & Senior Application

    Connectors and Shuttles available through Sonoma County Transit are also free for SRJC students. Get off at the Santa Rosa North or Downtown station and walk or bike to campus (between one and two miles)

    Sonoma County Transit’s Route 44 is a link to and from the Petaluma SMART Depot - free for SRJC students with a current CubCard

    SMART Train Logo


  • Paratransit

    Many people with disabilities can ride ordinary, fixed transit routes; for those who can't, paratransit offers door-to-door service. Paratransit vehicles vary their routes based on riders’ destinations, but they must be booked in advance.

    Though the Americans with Disabilities Act does not require transit agencies “to meet all the transportation needs of individuals with disabilities,” it does ensure that people with disabilities receive the same mass transportation opportunities as everyone else. Most paratransit rides cost $3; please follow the links below for more information on local paratransit providers.

    SCT Paratransit

    City of Santa Rosa Paratransit

    Petaluma Paratransit