Burbank Auditorium

Burbank Auditorium, SRJC Location - please read important updates below map

Burbank Auditorium is located at 1501 Mendocino Avenue, Santa Rosa, CA 95401, in the Junior College neighborhood of Santa Rosa

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Burbank Auditorium

Burbank Park was acquired by the Board of Trustees in 1930 as the permanent campus site for SRJC. It was a location utilized by Luther Burbank for botanical experimentation. The "Plant Wizard" came to Santa Rosa in 1875. He developed more than 800 plants, fruits and flowers, including the Santa Rosa plum, the Idaho potato and the Shasta daisy. Burbank Gardens was owned and operated by SRJC for more than 20 years (1934 - 1955).

The actual auditorium (built in 1939) seats 700 people for a variety of performances. Initial occupants of the total building included music, speech, and theatre arts. Two remodeling projects expanded the original structure. In 1965, the staging area for theatre productions was enlarged. In 1980, another expansion and redistribution of space accommodated both communication studies and theatre arts. The Music Department had moved to Forsyth Hall in 1979.