Lindley Center for STEM Education




Rooms - 103-396


Departments & Special Services


Named after current Santa Rosa Junior College Trustee W. Terry Lindley, the new 95,000-square foot Lindley Center for STEM Education modernizes and expands a number of programs, and provides new hands-on learning activities to support students in their educational journey.


  • A new Innovation Center to promote hands on learning
  • A new STEM Success Center to expand and enhance current student support resources
  • A meeting space for various student clubs in and outside of STEM
  • Community spaces that foster active learning
  • Intentional areas for students to study, socialize, and collaborate throughout the building
  • Expanded chemistry and physics labs along with a new large lecture hall
  • Third floor terrace to give sweeping view of campus
  • Innovation Center. The Innovation Center is not just a "maker space." The over 4,000-square feet space is a hands-on, interconnected lab, with four discrete areas that takes students through the creation process.