Pioneer Hall

Pioneer Hall, SRJC Location

Pioneer Hall is located at 1501 Mendocino Avenue, Santa Rosa, CA 95401, in the Junior College neighborhood of Santa Rosa


Rooms 300 - 399

Departments & Special Services

Pioneer appropriately references the first campus building, built in 1931. The original use accommodated all campus operations except physical education classes which continued at Santa Rosa High School. Gradually, Pioneer Hall became the general classroom building as other structures were occupied. State legislation in the 1960's mandated that public buildings meet Field Act requirements for earthquake protection. Since Pioneer Hall pre-dated the Field Act, a decision faced the Board of Trustees — meet the standards or raze the building. In the interests of campus history, it was decided to rebuild completely according to the initial design.

John Van Dyke was the architect, and the resulting structure has provided space since 19792 for Associated Student Body functions and a bookstore.