Tauzer Gym

Tauzer Gym, SRJC Location

Tauzer Gym is closed for renovation

Tauzer Gym is located at 1501 Mendocino Avenue, Santa Rosa, CA 95401, in the Junior College neighborhood of Santa Rosa



Rooms 900 - 978

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Tauzer Gym

It is noted that students initiated the idea of naming the gymnasium for a current trustee. The gymnasium per se seated 400 spectators and was the home of Bear Cub basketball for 47 years. Otherwise, the building, built in 1935,  provided physical education space, including locker rooms and instructional areas for both women and men. This was a multi-purpose facility. During the early years, assemblies, rallies, and dances were held here. In 1983, the gymnasium was remodeled. Of particular significance was development of accommodations for weight training and adaptive P.E. at that time.